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Microsoft ADO.NET (Core Reference)

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The definitive guide to using Microsoft Visual C# .NET to develop stand-alone applications for Microsoft Windows and Web-enabled Microsoft .NET applicationsMicrosoft ActiveX® Data Objects .NET (ADO.NET) is a set of libraries included with the Microsoft .NET Framework that helps you communicate with data from .NET-based applications—including XML data. Discover how to access, sort, and manipulate data in Web-enabled enterprise applications with this book. You’ll get expert guidance and insider tips from a leading database and ADO authority about how to write, test, and debug database code with the tools and wizards in Visual Studio .NET. You’ll also learn about the improved ADO.NET object model, its XML features for Web extensibility, its enhanced integration with Microsoft SQL Server 2000, and more. Topics covered in this guide include:

• Overview of ADO.NET
• Building applications with the Data Form Wizard
• Connecting to your database
• Querying your database
• Working with DataAdapters
• Storing data in DataSets
• Filtering and searching data in DataSets
• Working with relational data
• Submitting updates to your database
• Advanced updating scenarios
• Using strongly typed DataSets
• Interacting with XML data
• Building effective Windows® database applications
• Building effective Web database applications

• A fully searchable electronic copy of the book
• Sample code in C# and Microsoft Visual Basic® .NET

ISBN: 0-7356-1423-7